Supply Chain

& Logistics Optimization

Location technology and IoT are transforming the business world.  Today’s robust big data solutions can now make sense of the billions of data points these IoT devices are collecting.  40Geo has the expertise to help businesses derive intelligence from the torrent of real-time and historical data. 

We start with the business challenge and work backwards.  At 40Geo we believe that technology must always be a means to an end and the last thing to consider when tackling real world business challenges.  Let 40Geo integrate real-time location data into your work processes in order to make better decisions when optimizing your supply chains, no matter what the industry.   

  • Is our fleet of vehicles performing above or below expectations?

  • When is the best time to perform offshore operations given current and forecasted metocean conditions?

  • Are there opportunities to ride share on supply vessels given historical vessel patterns?