Remote Monitoring

 40Geo has the expertise to help companies understand the physical world around them. Regardless of location, 40Geo can help keep a watchful eye over your assets, operations, and infrastructure. We do this by using predictive maintenance platforms such as Synthetic-Aperture Radar (SAR), and Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) to give the most accurate presentation and information of assets. These methods for remote monitoring are critical for maximizing returns for any exception Based Surveillance (EBS) implementation

Best in class Predictive Maintenance  platforms are ones that make geospatial a priority.  40Geo can help you maximize ROIs on EBS systems by leveraging the power of geospatial. 

  • Do our valves need replaced, are they showing signs of distress?

  • Is our pipeline pressure running above or below the average for the last week, month, year?

  • Is this current sensor reading within the acceptable range given its historical averages for the same time of day, month year?

  • Notify me when the number of personnel in sector 7G surpasses the weekly average for the last 6 months